Top 5 News Stories, Week 1

 February 2nd 2009, NY Times

February 5th 2009, NY Times

February 3rd 2009, NY Times

Local News
February 5th 2009, Star Tribune

February 5th 2009, Star Tribune

Evaluating One Blog Story (2nd national link)

So far in class, I have been doing assignments on and the most recent was a course entitled News Sense: The Building Blocks of News.  After taking this course, l learned the fundamental qualities of news, which included information like how to verify facts using multiple sources and necessary skills it takes to develop the mindset into reporting and writing the news.  One lesson was judging the newsworthiness of stories by prominence, importance, human interest, timeliness, proximity and meaning or in other word’s the five w’s of a story.  The course states that good stories must contain two or more of these dominant qualities in order for it to be news, so I am going to evaluate one of my top five stories of the week to see if it possesses these elements.

Blasted all over the news recently was a doctor that was injured by a bomb near his car.  This article made headlines all over the nation, but did it contain any of the elements listed above?  First of all, the story displays prominence since it describes the who that was involved, which was the doctor.  This story is happening now in Arkansas showing timeliness (when) and proximity (where).  Lastly, the article contains the most important element and that is the what.  It is showing importance/human interest to other doctors that this might be a threat and warns them to be careful.  The last element, meaning (why), is not displayed since it is unknown why someone did this terrible thing, but the article still is newsworthy since it contains 5 of the 6 qualities and therefore it qualifies as a good news story.


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