Top 5 News Stories, Feb 20th



Local News

Evaluating One Blog Story (2nd national link)

There are still lots of headlines talking about the Stimulus package, especially since it was signed this past Tuesday.  In Wednesday’s edition of the NY Times, there was an article entitled Obama Team Has Billions to Spend, but Few Ready to Do It.  The headline alone made me what to read the article however once I opened it, I found myself losing interest quickly because to me, it did not have a very strong lead for such a hard news story.  In class, we have been discussing how important leads are so I decided to rewrite it to make it more effective.

WASHINGTON- Virtually no one in Obama’s cabinet is prepared to spend the $787 billion signed into law this past Tuesday due to near standstill after tax problems caused key jobs to remain unfilled leaving the government largely unassembled.

I feel if I had read this lead, I would have been willing to finish the article.  The most significant of the story is definitely the subject, so I made sure to begin with the what as opposed to any of the other 5 w’s.  The why was also important, since people wanted to know why the money isn’t being spent so I made sure to include that as well.


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