Top 5 News Stories, Feb 27th



Local News

Evaluating One Blog Story (2nd local news link)

The headlines for this week continued to be very interesting to read, but do the articles supply sufficient detail about each story?  This past class period we discussed that the best news stories are those with lots/relevant details in them, giving readers information so they can create a picture of what happened.  To demonstrate the use of plenty of detail in news stories, we read an article entitled “Gunman helps two gang member flee court,” that really gave a person a visually image of what occurred during this event.  So I am going to compare this piece of literature to my last news link to see if it comes close with providing a lot of detail.

This local news story talked about the recent job loss numbers in Minnesota, mentioning the thousand of workers out of work due to the economy along with the percent of unemployment growth that has climbed over the recent years.  Although this article gives numerous facts and figures, it forgets to mention what kinds of jobs are affected by this economy (besides stores employees like Best Buy and Circuit City and other types of jobs including manufacturers).  How about other kinds of jobs like construction, factory, etc workers, aren’t they affected by the economy at the moment?  This article does a very poor job of stating how the recession is hurting many kinds of professions and therefore it is lacking relevant details that people would want to know about.

It was clear by the end of the comparison that the news story read in class provided better detail making it a more fascinating article to read.  It is definitely true, detail gives a person an image to visualize since they have a lot of facts to paint a picture of the event with.


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