Top 5 News Stories, March 6th



Local News

Evaluating One Blog Story (2nd local news link)

With the economy still in crisis, the news articles continue to talk about the stimulus package and today there was a headline talking about what Minnesota gets from it.  The article was a very interesting read since it discusses that MN will be getting $94 million from the package for public transportation projects, which this states needs.  After the 35W bridge collapse back in 2007, it seems all the roads in MN are getting worked on making it difficult to get around to places.  Everything in this state always seems to be under construction so this money is going to be very useful.

This past day of class, we talked about interviewing and all the steps it takes to conduct a successful interview.  After reading, I have a few suggestions that could have made this article a better read had it actually been an interview and contained some quotes.  I would want to know more about the developments of this story like what does MN plan to do with the money; what sort of transportation projects will be happening in the future?  This article could contain more or in other words it needs to advance the story.  Another element I would propose to talk about are the pros and cons to getting this money.  Besides these tips, I do believe this was a fascinating read.


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