Top 5 News Stories, April 3rd



Local News

Evaluating One Blog Story (2nd local news link)

This was yet another week of fascinating stories to read about from the economic crisis to how getting into college is easier if you have a fat wallet.  The most interesting story to read involved the floods that are happening in northern Minnesota and Fargo due to the Red River.  The article contained lots of information regarding the problems including that the Governors of both Minnesota and North Dakota may have come up with plans of flood prevention worth $1 billion.  Even with an article providing good details, I still wanted more information on this topic.

For the past, few class periods we have talked about finding good online resources, so I decided to research and find other sources on the floods that are happening.  There were many articles and web sites regarding the floods, but I needed to remember what I learned in class and learned from reading the textbook on obtaining useful sources like avoid unnamed sites, is the information coming from useful places (government agency, educational institution or a credible organization), use the most current information, using a narrow search field, etc.

Here are the other sources I found on this topic:


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